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Το κοντινό Πήλιο και τα νησιά των Βορείων Σποράδων με τους παραδοσιακούς τους οικισμούς και το σπάνιο φυσικό τους περιβάλλον, καθορίζουν την προτίμηση ενός μεγάλου αριθμού επισκεπτών, που υπολογίζονται γύρω στο ένα εκατομμύριο το χρόνο. Η απασχόληση στον Τριτογενή Τομέα, χάρις στον Τουρισμό φτάνει στο 38-40% των εργαζομένων της πόλης.
Οι δύο οδικές αρτηρίες προς το Πήλιο περνάνε μέσα από την πόλη και οι ξένοι επισκέπτες καθ' οδόν προς τον εξοχικό προορισμό τους, σταματούν στην πόλη για να εξερευνήσουν τις αγορές της, τα κέντρα της, το Μουσείο και την παραλία της, τα μικρά μυστικά της ...
Η πόλη είναι σίγουρα δεμένη με το Πήλιο με συγγενικούς και οικονομικούς δεσμούς. Πολλοί διαθέτουν εξοχικές κατοικίες στα πανέμορφα χωριά του και περνούν εκεί τα Σαββατοκύριακα και τις γιορτές τους. Κάθε επίσκεψη στο Πήλιο είναι πάντα μια μοναδική εμπειρία. Τα βαθύσκιωτα τοπία του, οι μοναδικές ακρογιαλιές του, τα μονοπάτια και τα ξωκκλήσια του, η ποικιλία της βλάστησης, των αισθητικών εκπλήξεων, τα μνημεία του πολιτισμού του, συνθέτουν αρμονικά την πολύχρωμη, χαρακτηριστική Πηλιορείτικη ατμόσφαιρα. Δίκαια λοιπόν το Πήλιο είναι το "καμάρι των βουνών", το καταφύγιο των Κενταύρων, το δικό μας, το δικό σας καταφύγιο, ο κήπος μας, ο επίγειος Παράδεισός μας ...



Thesis 400m Medium Iason 350m Medium Panorama 1200m Easy-difficult Falconera 640m Easy Hiron 1000m Beginners 300m Lang-Lauf 5000m Services At the skiing center there is a shelter Agriolefkes, which has been recently redecorated and can welcome 60 people in rooms with WC and bath. In the same area there is restaurant and cafι. Also, you can find ski-uniforms and stores where you can rent what ever you need. Additionally, there is parking for 500-600 cars. Useful numbers Magnesia’s Development Company A.E.: 04210 33411/ 04210 33412 Skiing Center: 04280 73719 Shelter: 04280 73702 Driving towards to Zagora, which is the biggest village in Pelio with the wonderful view of Aigaio.

An earthly paradise Few kilometers out of Volo dominate the imposing and greenful Centaur’s mountain, Pelion. Unique beaches, picturesque pathways and small churches, variety of growth and hospitable people, combine physiognomy of the villages. Pelion is the place that ancient gods have chosen for their weddings, celebrations and, also is the place that gave to Omiro, Pindaro and Euripidi the main ideas for their books. Also, in this place the more modern muse sung the lime passion of Greeks for freedom. This earthly paradise every year attracts almost one million visitors. Portaria, Makrynitsa, Hania, Milies, Kala Nera, Agria, Zagora, Afyssos, Horeuto, Vyzitsa, Milina, Mylopotamos, Xynovrysi and Ntamouhari. Each of these beautiful villages is waiting you in order to explore it. Every visit in Pelio is always a unique experience.
As we mount Pelio we met the Ano Volou suburb with Bishopric’s hill at east. If you want to admire the wall painting of Theofilo and at the same time to enjoy the sight of Pagasitic Gulf you have to visit Anakasia and Alli Meria. Only 13 kilometers are keeping you away from Portaria with the greenful slopes. Makrynitsa comes out of plane trees. It is a beautiful and traditional village with the view of Pagasitic Gulf. The paved with flagstones paths are suggested for romadic walks. Additionally, do not forget to taste the traditional dishes, like spetzofai and soup of beans, which you can try them at the tavernas in main square of the village. Following the main road and driving for 26 kilometers we reach the height of 1200 meters and we meet the village Hania. The Skiing Center of Pelion. Platforms and lifts It has two lifts with single seat, one double-seats and two trailers. In addition, there are five main descent-platforms, which are connected with the parking area, one resistance-platform, and all of them combine 15 kilometers.

When you will be at this place do not forest to visit the famous school in which all the leaders of the Greek Revolution have studies, Rigas Feraios, the historical library which has scarce books and manuscripts, and also the churches of Agios Georgios and Agia Kyriaki. Few kilometers east there is the village Horeuto that is famous for the clean sea and the charming beach. At 6 kilometers away of Horeuto we reach the village Pouri where you can perceive from Halkidiki. Any one of you that wants a quite and peaceful place has to visit the village Makryrrahi. A picturesque ravine keeps you away from Anilio, a small greenful of chestnuts and walnuts village. One of the highland villages is Kissos, where all the acute and the chestnuts are winded up by ivy. In a small distance you will be at Agio Ioanni, Papa Nera and Plakes where it combines mountain and sea.
Returning back to the main road you pass the road of Mouseri which is built between apple-trees and chestnuts. Here you can have you sunbath at the beach of Ntamouhari. It is about a great beach with while pebbles in a savage and imposing landscape.
By going through the thick forests we reach Tsaggarada, which is the most charming village of Pelion. Full plane trees and acute, with traditional mansions, gardens, pavements squares, and an incomparable view of Aigaion. This village is going to astonish you. Just few kilometers away is the amassing beach of Mylopotamo where walking down the picturesque stairs you reach to the beach with the thick pebbles. Also, very close to this beach there is the famous Fakistra beach as well.

On the opposite side across to Pagasitic Gulf we meet the picturesque church of Goritsa. Continuing the same road we will be at Agria which has been a tourist place. You can swim across the whole beach or in Soutrali 1 kilometer south. By moving along there is the village Drakia. It is a village that has been built at the begging of the 17th Century and has been developed as one of the most important villages during the Turkish rule. It is worthy to visit the mansion of Triantafillou, which is one of the most beautiful in the whole Greece with wall painting from the 18th Century. We leave behind Agria and we go through Kato Lehonia. At north of Ano Lehonia we meet the villages Agios Vlasio, Agios Georgios Nilias and Pinakates. If you want to eat fresh fish next to the sea, Platanidia is the best place. We continue towards to north by the main road and before we get to Kato Gatzea, there is a maritime village called Malaki, which has a long beach with tavernas and beautiful hotels with view the sea. If you continue the main road you can see interesting exhibits at the Anetopoulou Museum at Kala Nera. Big plane trees, poplars, eucalyptus which there are all over the beach are main characteristics of the village.
One of the most beautiful villages at Pelion is Milies. At this village the traditional architecture of the old houses are guesthouses. Additionally, especially fitted is the small train, which is famous as ‘Moutzouris', which until today travels from Ano Lehonia to Milies. Few kilometers upwards the greenful Byzitsa is waiting for us. Walk on the picturesque streets and admire the old mansions and the traditional castles. By returning to the main road we will go through Koropi famous as Mpoufa beach. Further down and by leaving the main road we meet Afisso, with a sand-beach. The main road starts to climb the slopes of Pelion. After Afetes which is divided into two; at the 21o kilometer the north branch after Neohori goes to Tsaggarada through Lampinou with a wonderful view of Aigaion. The south branch reaches Argalasti. Also the villages of Paou, Kalamos, Lefokastro, Xynovrisi and Paltsi which are very greenful.

The sundown at Milina next to the sea is going to be unforgettable for you. The island Trikeri is an earthly paradise. Enjoy the seafood at the tavernas and do not forget to visit the picturesque Ai-Gianni church and the Evagelistria' monastery. Nea Anhialos Nea Anhialos is built on the ruins of the ancient town Pirasou and is a wonderful tourist center. All over there are hills and is one of the most tourist places for the summer. The beaches of Nea Anhialos are about 20 kilometers and offer a variety of sand like the rent sand, gold sand, pebbles. Also, it is interesting the history that the findings of Nea Anhialos. It is believed that is has been settled from the 6th millennium until 217 BC when Philip V destroyed it. Founded in its position round the 2nd c AD was Fthiotides Thives the commercial center in the Old Christian period, which has grown until the 7th c. it is an area of exceptional interest because of the findings including the nine old Christian churches. In the Museum you can see various architectural remains, inscriptions, mosaics from Pirsaso as well as old Christian findings.




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